these breakfasts cointain a glass of fresh juice and a cup of coffee or tea of choice

English Breakfast

homemade grill sausage, 2 pieces of fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, homemade sourdough bread

Hungarian Breakfast

homemade hungaian grill sausage, scrambled eggs from 3 pieces of eggs, bacon, marinated red onion, cucumber served on sourdough bread

Nordic Breakfast

2 pieces of poached eggs on sourdough bread made with ricotta cheese, beetroot gravlax norvegian salmon, premium salmon caviar and pickled onion served with creamy hollandise sauce

Vegan Breakfast

acai bowl with wild berries served with peanut butter, coconut chips, dried cranberries and fresh banana

French Breakfast

french croissant with homemade butter and jam

our prices are in HUF, and also contain the taxes